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What's Old is New Again

Just as Dunbarton is the geographic center of New England, our Town Hall used to be the cultural center of our community, where dances, performances, graduations, reunions, and other social events took place. And it can be again.  As our volunteer-driven town of 2,000 has grown, so too has the need for revitalized public space where people can meet, greet, and come together.  In fact, in a sample survey of 152 residents, 73% said they'd be likely to attend an event in the restored upstairs space.

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What restoration will mean for Dunbarton:


With a vibrant local music scene, the ongoing success of folk concerts at the Spireside Cafe, and its location at the crossroads of New England, Dunbarton is the perfect host for musicians from far and wide. And a restored Town Hall, with its beautiful woodwork and inviting stage, is the perfect venue.



Guest speakers, traveling exhibits, political campaigners, historical displays, contra dancing, senior activities, youth camps--residents have identified countless possibilities for events held in the restored Town Hall space.

Meeting Space

Even in this small town, meeting space is at a premium, and groups must coordinate their use of the school and town offices. A restored Town Hall will provide a significant addition to available space, and allow for even more school-based and governmental uses.


A restored Town Hall is a renewed community:

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